Rock alpine index - beginning with letter T-V-W

New list of seeds for the season 2021/2022. The sale of seeds ends in to 28 February 2022.

 Name Price category
 Thalictrum aquilegifolium B
  Thlaspi bellidifolium  Sold out C
 Thlaspi praecox C
 Townsendia hookeri  Sold out C
 Townsendia leptotes C
 Townsendia parryi  Sold out C
 Tragopogon pratensis- yellow,50cm A
  Tricyrtis hirta B
 Tricyrtis hirta f. Alba C
 Tricyrtis latifolia-50cm,yellow with brown spotsB
 Tricyrtis macropoda-0,5-1m,brownish yellow flowers like orchid,Japan B
 Trillium camtschaticum-20cm,green-white fls D
 Trillium cernum cv.viridiflorum-white or pinkish flowers with green stripes D
 Trillium cernuum-white or pinkish flowers D
 Trillium erectum cv.viridiflorum-red flowers with green-white stripes D
 Trillium erectum red-red flowers,40cm D
 Trillium grandiflorum-20-30cm,white flowers D
 Trillium smallii- Japan  D
  Trollius europaeus-50-70cm,lemon-yellow flowers B
 Trollius pumilus-20cm,golden C
 Tulipa schrenkii- 30cm,red,yellow or white flsB
 Tulipa sprengeri- 30cm,fls brownish-crimsonB
  Tulipa tarda A
 Tulipa urumiensis A
 Tunica saxifraga B
  Verbascum phoenicum - mix colours B
 Veronica allionii B
 Veronica alpina C
 Veronica aphylla B
 Veronica bellidioides C
 Veronica fruticans-10-15cm,blue flowers,lightly serrated leaves A
 Veronica schmidtii-cutted leaves,white,pink,blue flowers,Japan B
 Veronica sp. - 5cm, Brenta, Dolomit B
 Veronica spicata-to 40-50cm high A
 Viola dorfleri - mix yellow + blue fls, Macedonia C
 Viola jooi-green lvs,dark pink flowers,Rumania C
 Viola kosanini D
 Viola pumila-dwarf,small white-violet flowers,Japan C
 Viola variegata-small,nice creamy drawing in leaves like Cyclamen      B
 Vitaliana primuliflora-nice dwarf tufts,large yellow flowers   D
 Wahlenbergia albomarginata- 10cm, light blue to white,solitary fls C
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