Rock alpine index - beginning with letter S

New list of seeds for the season 2021/2022. The sale of seeds ends in to 28 February 2022.

 Name Price category
 Sanguinaria canadensis-15cm,large white flowers,Canada  B
 Saponaria boissieri-like Saponaria caespitosa,bun to 20cm,decumbent,15cm B
 Saponaria caespitosa B
 Saponaria lutea-small cushions,light green linear lvs,light yellow flowers B
 Saponaria pulvinaris-dense compact cushions to 40cm wide,pink flowers   Sold out C
 Saponaria pumila-large stemless pink fls to 3cm across,very beautiful,rare, Alps D
  Saponaria ocymoides B
 Saxifraga aizoides-prostrate,light green lvs,yellow or orange fls,Dolomits B
 Saxifraga cotyledon-white flowers,silver-grey encrusted rosettes B
 Saxifraga grisebachii-cushions of large silver rosettes 12cm,violet fls C
  Saxifraga longifolia-50cm,starry white flowers C
 Saxifraga marginata  Sold out B
 Saxifraga mutata ssp.demissa-like S.longifolia,orange flowers B
 Saxifraga oppositifolia var. latina  Sold out C
 Saxifraga sempervivum- 10cm,nodding purple fls   Sold out B
 Saxifraga squarosa-encrusted rosettes 2cm wide,white flowers on 3-5cm stems   Sold out B
 Scutellaria sp. - white fls, 30cm B
 Sedum pilosum-red-pink fls,10-15cm,lvs in rosettes Sold out B
 Sedum sempervivoides-red flowers,Turkey  B
 Semiaquilegia adoxoides "Alba"-to 50cm,creamy double fls with spots B
 Semiaquilegia adoxoides"Pink" B
 Semiaquilegia adoxoides 'Rubra' B
 Semiaquilegia adoxoides - dark purple B
 Sibbaldia procumbens B
 Silene alatavica - big white fls, 5 - 10 cm  C
 Silene argaea    Sold out C
 Silene atropurpurea A
 Silene caroliniana ssp.wheeryi-15cm,pink flowers,large calyx,USA  B
 Silene caryophylloides B
 Silene ciliata B
 Silene davidii    D
 Silene dinarica  Sold out C
 Silene falcata C
 Silene foliosa A
 Silene saxifraga  B
  Silene schafta B
 Silene sylvestris- 1m, red fls B
 Sinopodophyllum hexandrum C
 Sisyrinchium macrocarpum-large yellow flower,middle brown,20cm C
 Sisyrinchium sp.-white A
 Sisyrinchium sp.- light blue A
 Soldanella alpina-5-8cm,flowers pale to deep mauve,Austria-Alps C
 Soldanella minima D
 Solidago cutleri-only 15cm high,green lvs,bright yellow flowers,USA B
 Spergularia rubra- 10cm,pink,green folage,dense carpets C
 Sucissa pratensis A
 Symphyandra wanneri B
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