Rock alpine index - beginning with letter E-F-G

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 Name Price category
  Echium albicans - red fls, 10 cm  Sold out! C
 Edraianthus caricinus C
 Edraianthus dalmaticus "Alba"-rare white form,Macedonia D
  Edraianthus dalmaticus-10cm,many flowers in umbels,Macedonia C
 Edraianthus dalmaticus 'Grandiflora' D
 Edraianthus dinaricus-2cm,cushions  big solitary blue-violet flowers C
  Edraianthus graminifolius-like grass leaf,many blue flowers,Greece B
  Edraianthus graminifolius 'Alba' D
  Edraianthus graminifolius - robusta form C
  Edraianthus jugoslavicus - many blue fls, narrow lvs D
  Edraianthus niveus-10cm,white D
  Edraianthus glisicii D
 Edraianthus horvatii  - many fls D
 Edraianthus montenegrinus-linear lvs,solitary or 2-3 blue-violet flsD
 Edraianthus montenegrinus ssp. alpinus D
 Edraianthus montenegrinus ssp. durmitoreus D
 Edraianthus pilossulus  D
 Edraianthus pulevicii   Sold out! D
 Edraianthus pumilio-jewel,gray-green leaves,violet bell solitary flowers D
 Edraianthus tenuifolius-dwarf cushions,linear lvs,3-5 blue flsC
 Edraianthus cf. siculus C
 Edraianthus serbicus C
 Edraianthus serpyllifolius-nice,dark blue single flowers,large,Biokovo D
  Edraianthus serpyllifolius "Major"-comp. dwarf green cushions,solit. big blue-violet fls  D
  Edraianthus vezovicii D
  Edraianthus wettsteinii-small caespitose plant,3-7cm wide,linear lvs,black-purple flsD
 Edraianthus zogovicii- one purple - blue fls, low D
 Empetrum nigrum B
  Eranthis hyemalis A
  Erigeron aureus " Canary Bird"    Sold out! C
 Erigeron carringtonae B
 Erigeron compositus A
  Erigeron chrysopsidis-yellow fls.  Sold out! D
 Erigeron glaucus B
  Erigeron linearis B
 Erigeron luteus A
 Erigeron sp. - Norway, 20cm, purple fls A
 Erigeron sp. - 15 cm, white fls B
 Erigeron sphaerocephallum B
 Erigeron tweedyi - gray lvs , purple fls B
 Erinus alpinus A
 Erinus alpinus "Alba"  A
  Eritrichium canum  Sold out! B
 Erodium aff. manescavii B
  Eryngium bourgatii-decorative very thorny pl.20cm high,peduncles dark steel blueB
 Erysimum amoenum- 5-15cm,red-purple C
 Erysimum kotschyanum D
 Erythronium dens - canis - low form, Spain C
 Erythronium grandiflorum C
 Erythronium montanum C
 Erythronium oregonum C
 Erythronium revolutum D
 Fibigea clypeata B
 Fritillaria alfredae ssp.glaucoviridis D
 Fritillaria carica C
 Fritillaria gracilis C
 Fritillaria meleagris mix colour B
 Fritillaria michailowskyi C
 Fritillaria montana C
 Fritillaria pinardii-10-20cm,deep brown-purple fls with green strips,Turkey  C
 Fritillaria pontica C
 Fritillaria tubiformis   Sold out! C
 Fumana thymifolia v. viridisB
 Fumana procumbens-20cm,yellow fls,small decumbent plant B
 Galanthus nivalis B
 Genista carinalis C
 Genista radiata C
  Gentiana acaulis C
  Gentiana acaulis 'Alba'  D
 Gentiana af. algida D
 Gentiana algida-leaf rosettes 12cm wide,10-15cm stems,white yellowish large fls,Japan D
 Gentiana alpina-light blue to white form,Pyrenees D
 Gentiana cf alpina-large flower,blue,collection also from white plant D
 Gentiana angulosa-deep blue,large fls,very vigorous form   D
  Gentiana angustifolia-narrow pointed glossy leaves,deep blue flowers,Alps C
  Gentiana angustifolia 'Alba' D
 Gentiana arethusae D
 Gentiana arethusae ssp.delicatula D
 Gentiana atuntsiensis  D
  Gentiana asclepiadea - mix colours B
  Gentiana asclepiadea 'Alba' B
  Gentiana bavarica D
  Gentiana bavarica v.bavarica-small,dense plant,large blue flowers D
 Gentiana boissieri  D
 Gentiana brachyphylla-dwarf rosettes of spatulate lvs,verna type fls,Italy,Alps D
 Gentiana cf.bisetacea B
 Gentiana cf.brentae D
 Gentiana clusii 'Alba'  D
 Gentiana clusii "Alba"+"Pink"-collection of white and pink-violet plants D
 Gentiana clusii-8cm high,leather-like lvs,large dark violet blue flowers C
 Gentiana cruciata B
 Gentiana decorata D
 Gentiana dinarica-10-12cm high,light green lvs,dark blue trumpet-like fls C
 Gentiana divisa-10cm,white,to 2.5cm in size lanceolate lvs  D
 Gentiana erectosepala D
 Gentiana gelida-nice,small,large white single flowers,Caucasus D
 Gentiana gelida ssp.uniflora-decumbent leafy stems 10cm solitary yellow fls.D
 Gentiana georgei-very narow lvs 10cm,solitary stemless pale rose-violet fls 10cm D
 Gentiana hexaphylla-densely leafy stems 5cm,solitary pale blue flsD
 Gentiana kochiana-pale green,scapes 5cm,large blue flowers,Italy-Dolomit C
 Gentiana lhassica   D
 Gentiana ligustica C
  Gentiana lutea B
 Gentiana nivalis C
 Gentiana occidentalis C
 Gentiana occidentalis ssp. corbariensis C
 Gentiana orbicularisD
  Gentiana ornata  Sold out! D
 Gentiana paradoxa-flowers solitary bells,20cm C
  Gentiana prolata D
  Gentiana pyrenaica -Pyrenees,3400m D
 Gentiana pumila ssp. delphinensis Sold out! D
 Gentiana punctata C
 Gentiana purdomii  D
 Gentiana purpurea C
 Gentiana cf. rostanii C
 Gentiana saxosa D
 Gentiana scabra C
  Gentiana septemfida C
 Gentiana septemfida "Alba" C
 Gentiana septemfida x Paradoxa C
  Gentiana sino-ornata-10cm,blue colours with dark strides D
 Gentiana stipitata ssp.elegantissima  Sold out! D
 Gentiana szechenyi-fls somethimes pale pink 10 cm long  D
 Gentiana tergestina-10cm,dark blue D
 Gentiana veitchiorum   C
 Gentiana venusta D
 Gentiana verna-5-10cm,collection from Tyrolia,Italy C
  Gentiana verna - 10cm, collection from Pyrenees C
 Gentiana verna ssp. balcanica C
 Gentiana x hascombensis-nice blue flowers,seedlings nearly true C
  Gentiana wardii  Sold out! D
  Gentianella utriculosa B
  Geranium cinereum ssp. subcaulescens D
  Geranium sanguineum f. nanum-15cm, purple-red     C
 Geranium yesoense v.nipponicum C
 Geum reptans    Sold out! C
 Gladiolus imbricatus B
 Gladiolus medius  Sold out! B
 Glaucium acutidentatum B
  Glaucium flavum-30-50cm, yellow-orange fls B
  Globularia incanescens   B
 Globularia meridionalis B
 Globularia nudicaulis-20cm B
 Globularia punctata B
  Globularia repens nana C
 Globularia velutina C
  Gypsophilla cerastoides-5cm,white flowers,dense cushions,Himalayas C
 Gypsophilla petraea-dense cushions,grass-like leaves,white flowers,Rumania B
 Gypsophilla repens 'Rosea' C
 Gypsophilla repens B
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