Rock alpine index - beginning with letter C-D

New list of seeds for the season 2021/2022. The sale of seeds ends in to 28 February 2022.

 Name Price category
 Calceolaria biflora B
 Calceolaria polyrrhiza C
 Caluteocarpus vesicarta D
 Campanula alpestris-grey leaf in rosettes,to 5cm large blue flowers,nice - C.allionii D
 Campanula alpina - syn. camp. orbelica C
 Campanula aucheri-excellent,10cm,large violet-blue flowers,Turkey C
 Campanula autraniana C
 Campanula barbata-lvs in rosettes,many hairy blue bells 10-15cm,Alps B
  Campanula bellidifolia-low tufted plant,large blue flowers,10cm B
 Campanula betulifolia-white large flowers on stems 10-12cm,Armenia B
 Campanula carpatica "Alba"-white form of C.carpatica,20cm,excellent B
  Campanula carpatica v.turbinata  A
  Campanula cenisia-large solitary blue flowers,5cm,cushions,rare D
 Campanula ciliata C
 Campanula cochlearifolia-bright blue flowers on 7cm stems,Alps A
 Campanula cochlearifolia "Alba"-10cm,pure white,compact B
 Campanula colina B
  Campanula dasyantha C
  Campanula formanekiana B
 Campanula glomerata A
  Campanula choruhensis-white big flower,10-15cm,Turkey C
 Campanula incurva-20-30cm,grey,hairy,large blue flowers 5cm,Greece C
 Campanula kirpicznikovii C
 Campanula ledebouriana-narrow toothed leaf,blue-purple fls on 10cm stem  C
 Campanula punctata v. hondoensis-50-70cm,dull rose-purple fls B
  Campanula raineri D
 Campanula saxifraga-10cm,single large blue flowers C
  Campanula sartori B
  Campanula seraglio C
  Campanula scheuchzeri-to 20cm,lanceolate leaves,dark blue pendant flowers A
 Campanula sp. - white, Armenia,Ararat, 10 x 10 cm C
 Campanula teucrioides  Sold out D
  Campanula thyrsoides-flowers in dense ears 40cm long,yellow-white flowers cylindricalB
  Campanula topaliniana B
  Campanula tridentata x bellidifolia-garden form,10-15cm,many blue bells B
 Campanula tridentata-nice,solitary large blue-violet flowers,10cm,Turkey C
 Carex comansch-20cm,brown leaves,grasses,nice,Cyperaceae A
 Centaurea sp. nervosa - Italy C
 Centaurea sp. - Spain, 20 cm C
 Cerastium alpinum ssp.lanatum B
 Cistus albanicus A
 Cistus tauricus-30-100cm,rose.purple fls B
 Clematis alpina-creeping stems 1-2m long,large fls blue or pale blue,Alps A
  Clematis alpina "pink" C
 Clematis columbiana - 20cm, blue - white fls C
 Clematis fremontii B
 Clematis integrifolia- 40 cm,blue fls,compact C
 Clematis macropetala- 100cm,large fls C
 Clematis montana-vigorous,easily flowered,4 petalled,white to blue flowers B
 Clematis recta-to 1,5m,fragrant white fls,rigid stems with many fls A
 Clematis sp. Baical B
  Clematis tangutica-shrubby grassland,lemon yellow fls.2m B
 Codonopsis clematidea-50cm,blue A
 Codonopsis ovata-form 10 - 30 cm,prostrate,bell-like fls,purple-yellow streak,Himalayas  A
 Colchicum autumnale-10-20cm,soft rosy-lilac flowers A
 Colchicum hungaricum C
 Collomia debilis-small cushion 20x20cm,pink flowers,good grow Sold out C
 Convolvulus cantabricus C
 Corallodiscus kingianus    D
 Coronilla coronata-30cm B
 Cortusa brotheri C
 Cortusa matthioli   C
 Cyanathus flavus  Sold out D
 Cyananthus incanus- China,decumbent branched stems 10-20cm blue fls, c. lobatus  Sold out D
 Cyananthus lobatus D
 Cyananthus macrocalyx-10cm stems,solitary yellow   Sold out D
  Cyclamen caucasicum-C.coum ssp. caucasicum C
 Cyclamen fatraense-fls like Cyclamen coum.,lvs without drawing,world rarity  D
 Cyclamen purpurascens   C
 Cyclamen sp. mix - 40 seeds per portion D
 Cytisus praecox-shrub 50cm,mixture red-purple-yellow A
 Daphne alpina-dense shrub,very slow-growing,creamy white fls,1m high,Alps  Sold out C
  Daphne domini - pygmy shrublet 10 - 20 cm tall, pedicellate soft pink flowers  Sold out D
  Daphne laureola ssp. philippii-yellow,30-50cm,Pyrenees  C
 Daphne mezereum -30-40cm B
 Daphne oleoides ssp.oleoides C
 Degenia velebitica-from Velebit,dense cushions,dark yellow flowers,10cm C
  Dianthus amurensis-20cm,mauve fls 4cm,excelent form  B
  Dianthus alpinus-15cm,large red flowers on 5cm stems,green leaves  C
  Diatnhus alpinus 'Joans's blood' D
 Dianthus arenarius A
  Dianthus barbatus A
 Dianthus deltoides-dense cushion,dark red flowers,stalks 10cm A
 Dianthus gelidus - small tuft of green lvs 2 - 4 cm long, pink fls Sold out D
 Dianthus glacialis ssp. gelidus D
 Dianthus haematocalyx ssp.Pindicola-small dense bun,large purple flowers C
 Diathus knappii C
 Dianthus lusitanicus B
 Dianthus microlepis D
 Dianthus microlepis v. degenii D
 Diatnhus microlepis mualae D
 Diathus neglectus B
 Dianthus fls C
 Dianthus sp. - dark red, 10 cm ( Babí lom) B
 Dianthus subacaulis   B
  Dianthus superbus - Italy, Dolomity B
  Dianthus superbus ssp.longicalycinus- Japan B
  Digitalis obscura A
  Dodecatheon meadia- mix colour B
 Draba aizoides A
 Draba aizoides ssp.  beckeri B
 Draba athoaB
 Draba brunnifolia ssp.olympica-dwarf dense cushions,3-7 large yellow fls,3cm stems  B
 Draba brunnifolia v. brunnifolia B
 Draba breweri B
 Draba cappadocica-2cm grey rosettes,golden-yellow fls,elite Drabas,Turkey     C
 Draba hispanica B
 Draba parnassica C
 Draba polytricha-dwarf dense silky cushions,3cm,deep yellow fls,Caucasus Sold out D
  Draba rosularis-dwarf gray haired cushions,yellow fls, 3cm stems  C
 Dracocephallum nutans B
  Dryas octopetala B
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