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If you want to feel happy in your life, plant rock alpines.

Sorry, but we are forced to close the sale for the season 2018/2019.We really apologize. Sincerely, Piatek.

Dear friends of alpine plants,you are getting into the hands of new alpine plant seeds catalog for season 2018- 2019.

 We appreciate your interest about alpine plants and we are very pleased to offer you our seeds also in 2018-2019. Thank you for your permanent favor. From our new offer I would like to recommend you these seeds, for example: Androsace,Campanula, Cyclamen, Daphne, Dianthus, Draba,   Edraianthus, Gentiana, Lewisia, Meconopsis, Primula, Trillium,Viola. We have in our offer  even very rare species of alpine plants, for example: Androsace alpina, helvetica , beautifull low species Gentian from China. We offer also other rare species, for example:Callianthemum coriandrifolium, Echium albicans, Leontopodium nivale ssp.nivale, Ptilotrichum purpureum, Polygala microphylla.

I believe that you chaose from our wide offer of seeds. I look forward and thank you in advance for your order.

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