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If you want to feel happy in your life, plant rock alpines.


Seed sales until the end of December 2019. We apologize.

 We appreciate your interest about alpine plants and we are very pleased to offer you our seeds also in 2019-2020. Thank you for your permanent favor. From our new offer I would like to recommend you these seeds, for example: Androsace,Campanula, Cyclamen, Daphne, Dianthus, Draba,   Edraianthus, Gentiana, Lewisia, Meconopsis, Primula, Trillium,Viola. We have in our offer  even very rare species of alpine plants, for example: Androsace alpina, helvetica , beautifull low species Gentian from China. We offer also other rare species, for example:Callianthemum coriandrifolium, Echium albicans, Leontopodium nivale ssp.nivale, Ptilotrichum purpureum, Polygala microphylla.

I believe that you chaose from our wide offer of seeds. I look forward and thank you in advance for your order.

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